Podcast Addendum: Episode 14’s The Amazing Screw-On Head

Welcome, readers and constant listeners, to Episode 14 of The Longbox of Darkness, available on iTunes, Stitcher, Podbean, and TuneIn!

For clarity’s sake I’ve decided to cobble together a quick post to promote the sheer brilliance of Mike Mignola’s Screw-On Head. Expect some jaw-dropping art to follow.

The main character himself…

Here we see Mr. Head holding a Heart from the suit of cards, while a demon plays with the other suits in the background. I am still not sure how this all ties together. What exactly is the link between the suit of clubs and the symbol on Screw-On’s chest?


Screw-On responding to a summons from Honest Abe…

The supporting cast…

Mr. Dog and Mr. Groin

The Villains…

Emperor Zombie, Doctor Snap, and The Vampire Maid

The breathtaking art…

Near The Aswam River Valley, by the Temple of Gung

The Apocalyptic Turnip…

Emperor Zombie erroneously assuming that the parallel universe within might be Shamballah.

The Entity/The Beast of The Apocalypse

Turnip- kebabs, anyone?

Character reactions…

The vampire maid’s loyalty is tested…

The Proposal


Don’t mess with THIS Head

Screw-On going all nutzoid on some wiring…

Random portraits

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