Podcast Addendum: Prelude to Episode 16

Hey there, Darklings.

Thanks for once again giving The Longbox of Darkness Podcast a shot. I’ve been away for so long that I must have pissed off quite a few people, and for that I sincerely apologize. But I’m back and ready for bear. And if by ‘bear’ you’re thinking a giant zombie grizzly with a penchant for ripping people’s faces of with blood-flecked claws and gorging itself on their mutilated remains, then so much the better – you’re my kind of person.

HOWEVER, if you’ve been paying close attention to this week’s podcast, there aren’t any zombie bears in our neck of the woods this night. Oh, no. We’re dealing with a monster of an altogether different kind, a monster that has long been one of my favorite horror staples for decades. Now enough preamble! I’m just gonna come right out and say it. We’re talking WEREWOLVES here, kiddies. Deadly fur-covered killing machines with fangs the size of kitchen knives and claws that’ll evicerate you faster than the rotor of a crashing helicopter in an action movie.

And what better comic to give us our Lycanthrope kicks than one of the greats? Specifically EC Comics’ TALES FROM THE CRYPT, from Mar-Apr 1953, written by Al Feldstein and Bill Gaines with art by Jack Davis. Prepare to be amazed. And terrified.

The phenomenal cover was of course done my cartoonist Jack Davis, one of the most prolific EC artists ever, with colors by a legend in her own right, Marie Severin.

And now, get ready for some pages and panels that I discussed during the show. This is a Podcast Addendum post, after all.

The pet werewolf sitting at The Cryptkeeper’s feet is one of Jack’s most iconic and reprinted images. Colorist Carlos Badilla does a great job on keeping the digitally remastered art fresh and vibrant, while at the same time maintaining texture and shadow.

Here we are introduced to the despicably sly Sherrif who ultimately ends up murdering Hungarian farmer Alec Gerda. Alec? Edward? These are not normally names given to Hungarians. But Peter I can believe. Still, I’m nitpicking here. Close observation reveals that Edward’s flapping mouth causes more damage to his family than any werewolf ever could.

The right hand panel is another of Jack Davis’ most recognized images. The Sherrif makes his move, and rears up for murder.

The Execution of Alec Gerda, enacted by silver bullet.

Here we see Peter and Edward gearing up for war. Just think Monster Squad, but in the fifties, not the eighties.

And finally, the cruel denouement. Rest in peace, Edward. You shall be missed, though the same can’t be said for your yap.

Expect a full fledged Episode 16 post soon, Horror Peeps! Until then, I’m off to read some horror mags. Adios!

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