LOD Episode 17: ELVIRA’S House of Mystery

Greetings, Darklings!

The Longbox Of Darkness is finally back with a new episode. It’s been ages, but the gears are running again and the jugular veins are throbbing, so it’s about time to put out some regular posts again.

The link to the newest episode can be found here:

LOD Episode 17

This time around Herman is joined by a new permanent co-host, MISTY GRAVES. She’s the editor, producer, and brains behind the new season of LOD. Here’s a quick bio:


Profession: Writer, Web Designer, Musician, Artist, Demoness

Base of Operations: Hades

Obsessions: Horror Anthologies, Elvira, EC Comics, Marvel Horror, Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark, Creepshow, Snarky Puns and Horror Jokes.


During the first 30 minutes of the show, the discussion centers on Misty’s HORROR ORIGIN, before veering off into a deep analysis of the Mistress of The Dark herself, the legendary ELVIRA.

After talking about Elvira’s massive boo… er, CULTURAL IMPACT, the talk turns to some COMICS, specifically Elvira’s House Of Mystery #3 and #10 from 1986. As promised, here are the images from some of the most salient panels from these two issues:


Two great covers, the first by Denys Cowan and Dick Giordano, and the second by Joe Orlando
Elvira indulging in a bit of role-playing in the House of Mystery. Yeeeha.
A great addition to this story was DEATH as a wandering minstrel astride a skeletal steed.
Introducing NICK DUNDEE, douchebag of the Rio-Grande.
Even though he supposedly has milk in his veins, Phil beats the tar our of Nick. Great SFX – BOG
The flowing action and muted colors of the art escape the constraints of the panels and blend the tragedy of Phil’s death into a chiaroscuro of murder and sorrow.
Elvira’s not a fan of our bone balladeer.
Nick meets his fate.
Dead eyes and bone ballad endings make for a great tale of supernatural justice and revenge.
Welcome… to the HELLEVATOR.
A motley crew indeed. Their destination? Well, let’s just say it ain’t the Maldives.
Scumbag landlord gets chewed on by rats. Skreek! NOM NOM NOM…
The lady poisoner develops some new and… TOXIC relationships.
Sinner, meet demonic ANACONDA. The sentence? Eternal digestion.
Branding! (This panel disturbed us, for obvious reasons)
A final warning, though it seems to turn Elvira on.
Cain makes a return, though Elvira barely tolerates him. Still, it was nice to see him again. Brought back memories.
Creepy Ghostly Peeping Tom.
Scattered roses and a watery grave make for some pretty great horror.
Always nice to see the Fourth Wall being shattered into little pieces. “That’s Ed Hannigan’s job. The COMICS CODE won’t allow it!”
Quentin Grady, – family man, Eskimo wrangler, singular villain. Also, he’s sweaty as hell.
Quentin and his militia are always up for a bit of genocide before breakfast.
The return of the Prodigal cub… er, son.
Quentin seals his own doom by chopping down the enigmatic totem pole.
Recap and denouement, which culminates in an AXE to the FACE!
Elvira puts Cain in his place.

Hope you enjoyed the images and the show, horrorlings.

Pleasant Screams!



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